ALERT – Charlie Daniels Issue URGENT Warning to Warn Americans, Please Take Heed

The liberal rioting has grown even more troubling. It’s beyond the initial inconvenience — the new level of hatred from the left has inspired an urgent warning from Charlie Daniels.

Charlie Daniels has compared our current political climate to that of the Civil War. “The pot is boiling, and it’s only a matter of time before there will be blood on the streets,” via CNS News.

Those on the southern side of the Civil War believed the abolition of slavery would destroy their economy whereas the northern side wanted to end slavery at all costs.

Just like back then, one side believed that the Constitution applied only to them. Today, liberals speak out and protest, and they exhibit their First Amendment rights, but they violently attack those on the right who do the same.

If you question one of these rioters, they often have no idea what they are fighting for. They hurt businesses, people, and their own dignity. For what?

Fortunately, as Daniels pointed out, the right has yet to meet violence with violence. However, he thinks it could happen if things continue on this trajectory, with nonsensical rhetoric and common dismissal of our laws.

Sadly, these conditions have been festering for a long time. Most civil wars begin with a form of mistrust. Daniels says the southerners refused to acknowledge the evil of slavery. To me, that sounds like the liberals refusing to acknowledge the evil of radical Islamic terrorism and the reality of other threats facing us.

 When these liberals march in the streets and have the audacity to call police officers “pigs,” its obvious they have no idea what’s actually harming this country. This is why it’s so important Trump is trying to restore the good name of our officers, but will it be enough?

When they hold up signs comparing Donald Trump to Hitler, it’s easy to think they are beyond reason. They cannot continue to forsake the country for their own feelings. They need to understand that Donald Trump is the president.

Had it been the other way around, do you think we as patriots would have acted the same? Of course not. Even if Hillary had won, we would have sucked it up for the good of the country.

It is time for these liberals to grow up and accept that Trump won. Otherwise, Charlie Daniels just might be right.