BREAKING: Foreign Government Launches INVESTIGATION Into CNN Over “Fake News”

Looks like we Americans aren’t the only ones who loathe CNN and their fake news stories!

Russia’s State Duma has just launched an investigation into the legitimacy of CNN and whether or not they’re reporting fake news in their country. In accordance to Russian laws, if CNN is found to be reporting false information, their broadcasts could be discontinued from Russian television entirely! (via Reuters).

In other words, Russia could be the next country — after Venezuela — to ban CNN from broadcasting. At this rate, the fake news organization will have no one left to spew their lies to in a few weeks.

This investigation was initially spurred on as a retaliation to Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s investigation into Russia’s news network RT News. (via Senator Shaheen launched this investigation to see if RT was spreading lies and anti-American propaganda — which Russian officials vehemently denied.

Investigations into a Trump-Russian collusion conspiracy have already yielded zero results on numerous occasions. In fact, the finger has often been pointed to the Dems as the real perpetrators of attempting to rig the 2016 election.

The fact that this investigation into “fake news” coming out of Russia was launched by a Democrat is downright laughable. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds! If anything, she’ll only be digging her party into a deeper hole.

The Russians, especially those working for RT, found this investigation launched by Shaheen downright insulting. However, it gave them the nerve to launch their own investigation, primarily targeting CNN, as well as Voice of America and Radio Liberty.

We Americans have put up with CNN and their lies for so long that we have no doubt that the Russians will find the organization guilty of spreading the fake news epidemic throughout their country.

If Russia bans CNN, it can only be a GOOD thing for the world as a whole. The less fake news that’s circulating, the better!

If Russia wants to go after CNN, we say: Go get ’em! The fewer televisions broadcasting their leftist lies, the more room there will be for REAL news. We live in troubling times, and having a wide circulation of fake news only stands to make things more confusing. Legitimate news sources are needed now more than ever before.

With any luck, other countries will follow Russia and Venezuela’s leads and launch investigations of their own into CNN and their ilk. The faster we can demolish CNN‘s ratings, by shrinking their audience down to zero, the faster we can stop fake news for GOOD.