BREAKING: Trump Issues Blunt Ultimatum to Europe. It’s About Damn Time!

Trump got ripped by the liberal media after his meeting the Merkel and since he is not one to be attacked and sit on his hands, he fired right back at them to set them all straight.

President Trump is meeting with European leaders for this year’s G20 summit. He has had many successful meetings, but he remains steadfast in his commitment to put America first, not missing an opportunity to push German Chancellor Angela Merkel to pay her fair share for NATO — or lose our protection.


Here, President Trump is referring to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The 28-country alliance was founded shortly after the close of WWII, in the hopes of preventing another World War.

The logic of NATO is that all of the members agree that an attack on one would be considered an attack on all. The alliance was structured with the looming influence of the Soviet Union in mind, who was primed to expand after the defeat of Nazi Germany.

President Trump considers the alliance outdated. It was designed to limit the expansion of the Soviet Union, which fell in 1989. We now face a vastly different set of problems, and NATO has not been updated to address the problems of global terrorism.

Additionally, when founded, all NATO members agreed that 2 percent of their GDP would be contributed to the military alliance. However, only four nations today pay their fair share, with America paying the highest rate and dollar amount by far. Germany is way down on the list, paying little more than half of their required 2 percent. (via Zero Hedge).

The NATO alliance only works if ALL of the members can trust one another. We need to be sure that all members will come to the defense of the country in need. Yet how can we be sure that members will send in their military forces if they are not even willing to send in their fair share of the expense.

Vice President Pence supported President  Trump, and issued this warning for European leaders: “Let me be clear on this point: The president of the United States expects our allies to keep their word, to fulfill this commitment and, for most, that means the time has come to do more.”

NATO was not the only issue on the president’s mind when meeting with Chancellor Merkel. When asked by reporters about the wiretapping scandal, he claimed that being spied on by Obama was something he and Merkel had in common. It was revealed in 2013 that Obama had monitored the communications of 35 world leaders, many of them our allies. Trump also used the meeting to criticize Germany for their role in causing the migrant crisis.

However, despite all the progress being made during these meetings, the mainstream press continues to attack the president and twist the facts. But, luckily, the REAL patriots in this country know he is #MAGA!