BREAKING – Trump Orders BEHEMOTH Strike Against Obama, Fraud CONFIRMED

President Trump is doing a great job going after all of the useless spending Obama put in place. In doing so, our commander-in-chief found a ton of fraud.

The Federal Communications Commission has been empowered to cut waste from programs including the “Obamaphone” program, which is supposed to give Americans with low incomes a phone for emergency use but, of course, is being taken advantage of showing millions of dollars in abuse, via Breitbart.

Ajit Pai, the chairman of the FCC, has put the entire program, Lifeline, under review. He stopped the nine phone carriers that were in the program, saying it needed to be looked at closer.

Pai and members of Congress believe that the program is in desperate need of reform, and the budget needs to be limited to $1.5 billion to make sure that Americans are not abusing the system and are careful how they spend their budget.

This program was supposed to make sure that those who are in poverty had access to phones. Phones are necessary for getting a job and contacting people for emergency assistance, so it’s a great measure to get people back on their feet, but under Obama people, the program grew out of control and was completely abused.

These people need a simple phone, not the latest and greatest iPhone or Galaxy hot off of the conveyor belt. Those are a luxury, and the government shouldn’t have to pay for it. The same goes for your three hour conversations with your psychic. Use the phone to arrange interviews and call people during emergencies, but don’t take advantage of taxpayers.

Of course, this system would be abused under Obama — many systems were! Obamacare was vastly abused by the poor and sick while the rest of America had to dish out tons of money to keep it going. The Dream Act was also vastly abused like this, with illegals claiming they’ve been here since a young age, which may not even be true.

Obama made a lot of implementations that were supposed to “improve” American lives, but it only improved the lives of certain people, and that’s a huge issue.

Pai has accused the commissioners of keeping their $51 million fraud investigation quiet. He also has no problem criticizing the way the program worked under Obama’s administration.

It certainly will not be that way under Donald Trump, who is all for giving Americans a leg up but not in a way that hurts other Americans. He wants to improve ALL lives in America, which means trying to use our valuable resources wisely.

The scrutiny on the program has made some liberals upset. Many are claiming Trump is preventing poor Americans from getting access to phones, but the reforms are only going to affect the people who are taking advantage of the system.

Pai stated, “At the end of the day, my focus has been — and will continue to be so long as I have the privilege of serving as the chairman of the FCC — doing everything within the FCC’s power to close the digital divide.”