Grandpa Rapes 2-Year-Old Granddaughter, Muslim Mom Decides to “Fix It”

Screaming from a nearby room forced a Muslim mother awake. When she investigated the screams, she discovered her own father raping her two-year-old child, but she did not report him.

Instead of defending her child from the 59-year-old grandfather, the mother, Merfat attempted to cover up his despicable crime. Merfat took her child away, and pushed her head underwater, drowning her in a bucket. (via Emirate 24/7)

The mother defended her actions by claiming that she was attempting to avoid a scandal in the Muslim community.

The Karama Press details the report of the Chief Detective Ali Akhmim, who found “traces of blood” in the toddler’s anus. The poor soul was forced to suffer a great deal in her very short time alive.

Thankfully, these horrendous crimes WILL be punished. The mother and grandfather were both arrested. She was charged with murder while he was charged with rape. Unfortunately, this is a common story in the Islamic world. Honor killings are frequent, and typically are not reported to police.

Under the barbaric Sharia code of law, a woman’s testimony is worth 1/4 that of a man’s. For a woman to accuse a man of rape, they need four male witnesses to confirm their testimony. If these witnesses cannot be obtained, the women would then be punished for committing adultery.

At least Muslim women have some recourse. Non-Muslims, or “infidels” as they are referred to, have no protection from rape under the law. It is not considered a crime to rape a Christian or a Jew. This is, instead, a worthy punishment to humiliate the non-believers.

These stone-age customs are present in many modern Muslim nations. As a result, women and children are forced to suffer abuse in silence, for fear of punishment if they speak out. Even if they can prove rape, they can still be disowned from their families.

The liberals who defend these disgusting cultural practices have completely lost their way. Supposed feminists will bury their heads in the sand and ignore the horrific treatment of women in these countries in order to call us racists.

Yet, this has nothing to do with race. These stone-age practices need to be stopped, regardless of the race of who adheres to them. Islam is a dangerous dogma that does NOT mix with western values and society. No American would EVER think it’s “okay” to murder their own child for suffering rape at the hands of their own grandfather!

This is why we cannot blindly allow Muslims to flood into our country. As Europe proves, Muslims bring their barbaric culture with them wherever they immigrate. They follow Sharia law and not the rule of the land. We cannot stand by and allow OUR great nation to harbor criminals like Merfat and her father!