Joy Behar Says Melania and Donald Don’t Love Each Other and Need A DIVORCE – They’rJoy Behar Says Melania and Donald Don’t Love Each Other and Need A DIVORCE – They’re Reaction Will Blow Your Mind!

For disgusting liberal protesters and their allies in the liberal biased mainstream media and in the entertainment industry, there is nothing that is too low for them to do.

They have been relentlessly attacking Donald Trump’s children and attempting to sabotage their businesses, which has thankfully backfired. They have gone so far as to paint 10 year old Barron Trump with tasteless “jokes” about him being a murderer. Now the ladies on trashy show The Viewjust reached a new low in what they said about Trump’s marriage.

As they do, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and the other hosts on The View were having an inane conversation about the reality TV show The Bachelor, when out of the blue Joy decided to make a nasty attack about Donald’s marriage to First Lady Melania.

Behar said that Donald and Melania don’t love each other, and then stupidly said about them, “Compare them to the Obamas who looked like they loved each other. I don’t believe these two. I don’t buy it.”

They then played a clip from Trump’s inauguration where Melania looked serious, and implied that this meant taht Melania is unhappy. Behar then said that Donald has “got her as, like, a hostage up in this Trump Tower. She’s like Rapunzel. Let down your hair, Melania!” Do you think Joy Behar should be fired for this? Watch below:

Joy Behar is yet to comment on her words describing the First Family, but it is pretty obvious that she owes them an apology.

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