Muslim Brat MOUTHS OFF To Two Soldiers, Gets Exactly What She Deserves

While some liberals in America may blindly allow radical Muslims to attack us, people in Israel have a developed a different strategy out of a need to survive.

This Muslim woman allegedly refused to show her ID at a bus stop. She then pulled a knife out from under her hijab, and attempted to stab the soldiers. They warned her and backed away a bit, but when she showed no signs of stopping, they did not hesitate to shoot her down.

This what you are supposed to do with a threat… put it down. Liberals protesting on our streets and assaulting people should be watching intently.

This bus station is always guarded by IDF soldiers. In fact, because she knew the soldiers would be at the bus stop, this woman could have been planning an attack.

If she would have done as they asked and did not plan such a stupid and threatening move, she would not have been harmed.

Proper removal of threats is not always possible for many American soldiers, and police officers for that matter, because of the mass of red tape that comes with political correctness in America.

In Israel, if you are a threat, you will be dealt with. Israeli citizens would be shocked at how often our police officers have to justify their decisions when they shoot or otherwise stop a criminal or terrorist.

They would also be quite taken aback by the liberals who swarm like flies on dead carcasses with their calls of “racism.” Much of the Western world is forced to tip-toe around Muslim refugees and terrorists, too many of whom commit heinous crimes and don’t pay for them.

The victimization of the Muslim people has gone on long enough — this woman was not a victim, she was a terrorist. She had that knife on her for a reason, no doubt planning to kill some Israeli soldiers who stood against her.

The Muslim people need to stop thinking they are more entitled than the rest of the world — their religion is not superior, and their men are certainly not better than women or anyone else. Killing people will not raise you up in “Allah’s eyes.” It makes you a threat and a terrorist, and equal force will be met for your actions. You have been warned.