QUESTION: Do You Want America To Ban Muslim Immigrants?

Are we being racist or are we protecting our country? One problem, two different arguments from two different sides of the aisle.

With our current border security, Muslim immigrants should be banned. Not because we’re racist but because we’re not too weak to protect our country from terror attacks!

The answer to this question is a simple one and can be answered quickly. The only difficult query that could be asked on the topic is why anyone with sense would want Muslim immigrants to step onto American soil under today’s conditions.

We already know the vetting system used by our federal government is full of holes. Obama’s own agency heads told Congress as much before he left office, yet liberals and the mainstream media still want us to believe it’s safe enough.

I am not willing to risk the security of my country and the lives on my family over a mediocre vetting system. The United States is not mandated to take in Muslim refugees or to allow foreign citizens to travel or migrate here.

Muslim terror attacks continue to plague almost the entire globe. Such attacks used to be recorded by decade, but now that so many occur an annual tally is kept by governmental agencies.

The first noted Muslim terror attack happened in Saudi Arabia in 1979 where 244 people were killed and almost as many were injured. A total of 11 Islamic terror attacks happened in the 1980s.

By the 1990s, nearly 40 Muslim terror attacks had taken place. The first two Islamic terror attacks to ever happen in the United States happened in January and February of 1993.

The first attack was on the CIA headquarters in Langley. Two people were killed, and three were injured.

Muslim terrorists set off a bomb in the World Trade Center a month later. Six people were killed, and more than 1,000 were injured. Our response to the attacks was a weak one, and Muslim immigration and travel continued. We now have large Muslim majority communities who want to invoke Sharia Law and have not assimilated into our culture the least little bit.

There have been hundreds of radical Islamic terror attacks since 2000, and that includes attacks Obama’s FBI classified as “workplace violence.”

Radical Islamic terrorists are our enemy. They have declared war on us and our way of life.

Only a fool would invite the enemy into their home. During times of war, American presidents and our representatives banned travelers and refugees from coming into the country.

Such action made sense then, and it makes sense now! The American people should always be a priority for presidents and lawmakers.