WATCH: Ann Coulter DESTROYS Anti-Trump ‘Refugees’ With 1 Powerful Sentence

Europe is at a tipping point in their history as they have become overrun with immigrants who are raping and killing as they please.

According to Ann Coulter, in a perfectly-constructed and very honest sentence: “They’re having a very difficult time learning not to rape women, even if they’re ‘infidel whores’ and have short skirts.” Finally! A media commentator who’s not afraid to tell it like it is.

With liberals wanting to take in these refugees into our own country, we need to learn the lesson from our European counterpart’s mistakes. We need to avoid having these radical Muslims taking over our states and imposing barbaric Sharia Law upon us — at all costs!

Coulter’s appearance was part of the Hannity Show on Fox News on Friday. During the interview, she bravely asked that “people” (liberals) open their eyes to what’s really going on.

No doubt this topic was discussed during the recent meeting between President Trump and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel who has seen these travesties first-hand in her country. (via Zero Hedge).

The refugees have ZERO respect for women and they sexually assault them when they wish, as they feel they are entitled to.

How would you feel if your wife, daughter, or mother was walking down the street and she was assaulted by a Muslim for being an “infidel whore?”

Of course, you don’t want that to happen! Which is why it is VITAL that we do everything we can to stop it BEFORE it even becomes an issue. With Obama out of the White House, that is half the battle — but the liberals are still opposing the immigration bans because they refuse to open their eyes.

These bans are placed on countries that have strong links to terrorism and Islamic extremism. Until we can identify an efficient vetting process, we cannot afford to let these people near our country.

These people breed like rabbits, so if even a few of them are let in, they will quickly multiply in a short space of time. And those children will grow up to be violent extremists and rapists, just like their parents!

Let’s do what Ann Coulter suggested and take on board the lessons the Europeans have learned the hard way. We cannot afford to let ONE MORE would-be Islamic terrorist into our country!