YES! Trump Just OBLITERATED Obama By Exposing What He Did Before Leaving Office

Donald Trump is staying true to form, bringing the facts about the Obama administration straight to the American people through Twitter, and the media can’t handle it!

On Twitter, Trump stated that Crimea was taken by Russia when former President Obama was in office. This happened under his watch. He’s not exposed Obama’s action so much as his complete lack of action.

The short answer is yes, Obama was soft. He was too soft on the Middle East and any other threats posed to the United States and our allies.

When there was a terrorist attack, Obama would get up in front of people and cameras and make all these speeches about how this was “tragic” and it will “be met with force,” yet he never followed that up with action. He’s since denied any terrorist attacks even occurred.

In fact, when Putin was taking over Crimea, which was an annex of Ukraine at the time, Obama told the Ukrainian government to avoid all confrontation with Russia rather than fight back. He also refused to send aid to Ukraine, such as soldiers or even supplies, to help Ukraine against the Russian threat. He merely told them to give up, according to

Of course, this was only advice and not an order, but without any aid from the American military, Ukraine didn’t stand a chance against Russia’s military. Obama also feared that if Ukraine did stand and fight in Crimea, then that would give Putin more cause to invade anyway.

“Part of the pattern we see in Russian behavior is to test and probe when not faced with pushback or opposition,” said Damon Wilson, the programming vice president for the Atlantic Council. “Russia’s ambitions grow when they are not initially challenged. The way Crimea played out, Putin had a policy of deniability. There could have been a chance for Russia to walk away.”

If Obama had shown even the least bit of resistance, Russia may have been deterred. Crimea is almost forgotten now, and Russian forces control two Ukrainian provinces. This is an unstable truce at best.

President Trump is not saying that his alliance with Russia will let the country do whatever it likes — it just means there will be friendly ties between two strong countries against threats like ISIS and other Islamic terrorist factions. Trump will still have a hard line with Russia.

It stands to reason that a relationship such as this would make it less likely for Russia to flex its muscle on anyone remotely associated with the United States for fear of upsetting the peace.

Both America and Russia recognize the opportunity to stand together to destroy a threat. I don’t ever expect Russia to be a true ally, but it sure would be nice not have to have worry about squaring off against them every day.